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Gershman Communication – 11.16.20


Safety Precautions

We have taken precautionary steps to prevent the spread of the virus in the workplace and to protect the wellness of our employees and visitors.  Some of the guidelines we have already implemented include:

  • Enabling work from home arrangements
  • Requiring employees who are experiencing symptoms of illness to stay home
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures
  • Assuring proper social distancing and requiring masks to be worn in the office
  • Distributing disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers, and personal protective gear such as masks and gloves
  • Implemented a streamlined, social distance-conscious loan closing process

We have successfully worked to avoid disruptions caused by COVID, while at the same time acting responsibly to do what we can to prevent further spread of the virus.   



It has been management’s intention since the onset of the coronavirus to take proactive action, communicate early and often, be flexible, and seek feedback.  The priorities of our company remain the same since my initial communication when this pandemic began over eight months ago:

  • The health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities.  Our decisions and actions continue to be driving by your well-being. 
  • Continue to fulfill our mission of customer service.  Gershman Mortgage is the source for professional, calm, and caring mortgage advice and information. 

We will continue to support you and provide you with the resources to accomplish these priorities.  If you need anything, please contact your manager or Human Resources. 


Looking to the Future      

As we move forward, I encourage everyone to focus on what you can control.  We all have experience dealing with this pandemic—experience none of us had eight months ago—so be assured that you know how to proceed forward.  I am confident in you and that we will continue to succeed.  We will get through this winter, just like we got through the last eight months. 

Thank you for your resiliency, hard work, and performance.  Keep up the great work!  Our future remains brighter than ever.

Gershman Communication – 03.27.20


Please check out the “Benefits Quick Sheet.” This resource has all our benefit phone numbers and website information in one document to easily access. If you need assistance, please contact Kristen Rice for any questions. 314.854.9573

Please click here to open our “Essential Business Letter.” This letter can be provided to law enforcement or other officials requesting a reason for employees not staying home during a stay-at-home order.

Please click to view the -> Familes First Coronavirus Response Act for paid leave entitlements


Gershman Mortgage is an essential business and will remain open and available for employees, borrowers, referral partners, etc. during “stay-at-home” orders currently issued for several states including Missouri and Illinois. We ask that if you are in the office, you comply with social-distancing rules of staying six feet apart at all times. Please ask this of your borrowers, guests, and everyone who comes inside any of our branches. The Corporate office in Chesterfield implemented the sanitizing of phones, keyboards, computer screens, mouses, and flat surfaces multiple times per week. Please continue all efforts in keeping our branches as clean as possible. We want to reiterate that we will not stop closing loans on time and serving our borrowers and each other with excellent customer service. We can and will get through all of this together.  


IT Support has created some how-to guides to help assist with working remotely.  These guides can help with forwarding your office phone to your cell phone, connect to the network via VPN, install a printer, and how to troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues while connecting to VPN.  We want to ensure you have the equipment you need to be successful so if you choose to work from home, please assess what you can take home to expedite your at-home set-up. If you need something to do your job better remotely, please contact and CC your Manager.


How-to Guides (click the titles below to view the documents separately):

VPN Connection

Phone Self Service Portal Instructions (Chesterfield Imperial Clayton Ofallon)

Phone Self Service Portal Instructions (Branch Offices)

How to Troubleshoot Home Wifi and Router Issues

Printer Installation


All the how-to guides will also be saved on the Shared Drive L: Company Information Folder


To contact IT Support for assistance: email or call at:


Jeff Lewis 314-854-9585

Jake Whisler 314-854-9522

David Cupp 417-447-1747

Chris Miner 314-854-9532


Stay safe and healthy everyone,