Des Moines


8460 Birchwood Ct., Suite 700
Johnston, IA 50131
Office: 515-330-2930
Fax: 515-330-2933
1200 SW State Street, Suite 2C
Ankeny, IA 50023
Office: 515-964-5952
Fax: 515-964-5687
David Bell
Vice President
NMLS #32569
Jason Larson
NMLS# 136333
Lisa Clark
Mark Stefl
NMLS #1529955
Colby Gardner
NMLS# 18072
Bryan Zeutenhorst
NMLS #636884
Mark Nehring
NMLS #1108454
Michelle Leon
NMLS #864680
Ryan Jensen
NMLS #507519
Jason Krause
NMLS # 1488048
Blake OvertonNMLS #1651000
Britney Davis
Joel Nastruz
Loan Originator
NMLS # 839458
Mattie Thomsen, NMLS#964001
Dan Morgan
NMLS #384368
Ashley Bass
Sr. Mortgage Lender
NMLS # 1399963 
Nancy Dunham
NMLS #1020356
Anthony Diehl
NMLS #1062218
Jay Burkenbine
NMLS #1277502

Cedar Falls

Chris Steeples
NMLS #1581125
403 Washington St.,
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
Office: 319-553-6786
Fax: 319-553-6788
Julie Calder
NMLS #228898
John Higdon
NMLS #929683
Troy Bothwell
NMLS #38491
 Nicole Knebel
NMLS #1295967

West Des Moines

 3900 Westown Parkway
Suite 200
West Des Moines, IA  50265
Office 515-225-2234
Fax 515-615-6090
 Erik Bokker
NMLS #303334
Bannen Davis
NMLS #940469
Matthew Bennett, NMLS #965520
Mindy Dirksen, NMLS #1417192


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Gershman Mortgage in Iowa

The housing market here is quite strong, and getting stronger. As a result, many homeowners are looking to cash in on the future potential. Many realtors expect Des Moines to be the city that leads the way in terms of growth for Midwestern cities, but some first time home buyers may still struggle to afford the home of their dreams. Gershman Mortgage can help you find your home in Des Moines, Ankeny, Cedar Falls and West Des Moines and the areas surrounding these cities.

If you think you might be looking for a home soon, there are a few things to consider that may help you qualify for the best possible loan. We’ll take the time to go over those below.

Tips to Getting a Great Residential Mortgage

Truthfully, part of your interest rate depends on the market. Different economic times mean different things for home loan interest rates, but you can control many aspects that determine your rate.

Maintain Good Credit

Your credit score can make or break your residential mortgage. The number one reason why we have to turn people down? Their credit scores just don’t cut it. Paying your debts on time will help improve your score.

Work History & Savings

Though not as important as your credit score, Your work history and savings are also important factors considered during the loan process. If you can show that you have maintained a level of employment or increased your wages over time, your Gershman Mortgage lender will see you as a safer investment.

Need to Contact a Gershman Mortgage Lender?

If you have a home in mind or are in the market, then you will want to talk to a Gershman Mortgage lender. We can help you get pre-approved or approve you for a residential mortgage. Find the home of your dreams and do not let financial concerns stand in your way. Talk to Gershman Mortgage today.

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