Kristy Niemeyer

My name is Kristy. I live and work in the Norwalk, Iowa area. For many years I have worked in the real estate industry, managing an office and creating marketing pieces that emphasize the value of home ownership and living the best life. “Get Educated. Not Sold” Is more than a tag line. It is an attitude. Gershman Mortgage and I believe the degree of confidence in decision making goes up as understanding increases. Often, the best interest rate is what comes first to mind, and though it’s a very important part, we focus on the whole picture making sure you’re in the right loan program, with the best rate at a monthly payment that fits your budget. My aim is to earn your trust by fully educating you to the process of financing your home. Technology is a good thing, but it cannot take the place of human connection. I enjoy melding the good things of technology with the personal touch of making myself available for your questions and concerns.