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Gershman Mortgage’s Small Touches to Increase Property Value

Gershman Mortgage Suggests Small Touches to Increase Your Property Value

Gershman Mortgage gives advice for increasing property value.

At Gershman Mortgage, we have been providing professional advice and guidance for home financing since 1955. In that time, we have learned […]

School Districts and Home Mortgage Rates

How School Districts Impact Your Home Mortgage Rates

School districts and home mortgage rates.

What kind of varying factors make a difference to your home mortgage rates? What dictates home and property values will also typically have an effect on home mortgage rates. One of these factors […]

Gershman Mortgage Explains Buying a Home at Auction

Gershman Mortgage: Everything You Should Know About Buying a Home at Auction

Gershman Mortgage auction house

As one of the Midwest premier lending companies, Gershman Mortgage knows that there are many ways to acquire a property. Though you can go through a traditional real estate agent, you can also purchase a home […]

Are There Special Closing Costs for FHA Loans?

Closing Costs of FHA Loans

FHA Loan Application

Securing a home loan can be a complicated process, especially when it comes to closing. Any mortgage, including mortgages backed by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA), come with a list of additional fees that typically amount to three to five percent of the purchase […]

Gershman Mortgage Explains Requirements for Borrowing Against Equity

Gershman Mortgage: Requirements to Borrow Against Your Equity

Home equity Gershman Mortgage

Borrowing against your equity can be a good option when you need a little extra money for home improvements or to pay off some high-interest debts. This type of loan is known as a HELOC, which stands for a “home […]

Do Rising Home Mortgage Rates Impact Homeownership?

How Rising Home Mortgage Rates Impact Homeownership

Home mortgage rates home ownership

Home mortgage rates have been at an all-time low for nearly a decade, but now, rates are starting to rise. For years, 30-year fixed mortgage rates have sat below 4 percent, but now the rate is now […]

Gershman Mortgage Explains Ways to Use a Mortgage Calculator

Gershman Mortgage: Ways to Use a Mortgage Calculator

shutterstock_502709329Gershman Mortgage mortgage calculator

At Gershman Mortgage, we know that an online mortgage calculator is one of the most important tools for homebuyers. From helping you determine what a particular home […]

The Best Time to Lock a Home Mortgage Rate

When Should You Lock a Home Mortgage Rate?

Couple locking home mortgage rate

Home mortgage rates have been on the rise since 2016, and they don’t appear to be coming down anytime soon. For borrowers, higher rates mean more money out of their pockets. If you are worried about […]

Home Financing: What If I Have A Sub-580 Credit Score?

Home Financing With A Sub-580 Credit Score

There are few things that are almost universal, but one of them is that you will need a loan to buy a home. Sure, there are a few people on the planet with enough money to buy their home without a loan, but those people are few and far between. With the need for […]

Mortgage Refinancing: Do I Need To Fix My Loan?

Do I Need To Fix My Loan? Our Mortgage Refinancing Expert Explains

Mortgage Refinancing is a tactic that is becoming more and more common, with up to 70% of mortgage applications being comprised of refinanced loans. So what does it mean to refinance your mortgage? To put it simply, you are getting a new mortgage to replace your current one […]