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Guides for the First Time Home Buyer: A Timeline of the Home Buying Process

Guides for the First Time Home Buyer: A Timeline of the Home Buying Process

If you’re a first time home buyer, the home buying process can seem like an intimidating endeavor. There’s nothing to worry about, but knowing what to expect will definitely help to ease your stress. Today in the Gershman Mortgage blog, we’ll be breaking down a timeline of […]

Residential Mortgages: Tax Deductions for Mortgages

Information on Taxes and Residential Mortgages

No one really looks forward to tax season, and you may be wondering how taxes work if you’ve just taken out a residential mortgage. First time home buyers may be especially intimidated by this prospect. Today in the Gershman Mortgage blog, we’ll discuss how taxes work with residential mortgages and what deductions you can claim.

Taxes […]

Advice from Your Mortgage Lenders: How to Reduce Mortgage Payments

Our Mortgage Lenders Explain Situations Where Your Payments May be Reduced

When you first work out your mortgage repayment plan, ideally you’ll stick to it for the remainder of your pay period. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. In certain scenarios, it’s possible that your mortgage payments may need to be reduced. Today in the Gershman Mortgage blog, our mortgage lenders break […]

Taking Out a Home Loan for New Construction

Home Loan Advice When Building a New House

Building a new house is a surefire way to make sure you get your dream home. Your vision is followed the whole way through and you can make all the customizations to make it your own. Of course, building a new home can require you to take out a home loan. Today in […]

Gershman Mortgage Explains Using a Home Equity Loan to Renovate

Gershman Mortgage Advice: Renovations with a Home Equity Loan

Making renovations to your home is a great way to make your home more customized to your liking and increase the value at the same time. The only problem is, renovations can sometimes be expensive. If you’ve built up equity in your home though, you can take a loan out against it […]

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Home Financing and Natural Disasters

Home Financing: What Happens if my Home is Affected by a Natural Disaster?

As a leader in the home financing and residential mortgage industry, Gershman Mortgage collectively understands the importance of being prepared. While no one wants to think about the worst-case scenario, particularly when it comes to their home or home financing, it’s always a good idea to […]

What it Mean to be a Cosigner on a Home Loan

What Does It Mean If You Agree to Cosign on a Home Loan?

With 60 years of experience in mortgage and home financing, Gershman Mortgage is perfectly positioned to advise and guide potential homeowners during the buying process. From FHA and VA loans to mortgage refinancing and reverse mortgaging, we want to help secure the best financing options for you.

We […]