Purchase a Home

Purchase a home

Whether you are buying a new home, an investment property, or vacation house it is likely one of the biggest purchases you will ever make.The Loan Officers at Gershman Mortgage are experts at finding a loan program to fit specific needs of borrowers, whether that’s a low down payment, home renovation, down payment assistance, or anything in between.

First-time homebuyer options are available that offer low rates so borrowers can afford the home of their dreams. Gershman Mortgage can help you find the home loan to reach your financial goals.

Purchase Benefits

Accumulate Equity
Freedom to customize and style your home
Competitive Rates
Loan Options with and without PMI
Financing with as little as 3.5% down payment
In-House Underwriting
Potential Tax Benefits*
Increasing values aren’t guaranteed, but historically reflect increases in property values which may allow profit when sold

Choose Gershman Mortgage

At Gershman Mortgage, we are consistently growing our portfolio of programs so that you have a range of loans that will meet your needs.  We have decades of experience in mortgage lending and a reputation that few lenders can equal. We understand today’s market and spend countless hours researching the options and information you need to know. Our veteran team of professionals are here to take care of you.

Before searching for a home, we encourage borrowers to get pre-approved by a trusted mortgage lender. This way you can shop with confidence knowing what is affordable while showing your real estate agent and seller that you are a serious buyer.




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