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5 Questions With Adam Mason

5 Questions with Adam Mason

St. Louis – August 25th, 2021 – Recently we sat down with Adam Mason, President of Gershman Mortgage.  Adam is always very generous with his time for all employees, so here are his answers to a few burning questions we had!

Q: Why is your company a best place to work?

A: All employees have a voice, are motivated, challenged, and appreciated.  We have a positive, inclusive culture with energetic, transparent, ambitious leadership, and great stability since being established over 66 years ago.  We truly care about our employees and their success by developing relationships, seeking their ideas, and taking action.  We provide ongoing training and support.  Our employees grow their career at Gershman Mortgage as we have a long history of promoting from within.  Our employees are well-compensated with a competitive benefits plan.  We are high performing company with one mission of providing the best customer experience.  We understand that our employees are one of our most important assets. 

Q: What do you value most about Gershman Mortgage’s culture and vision?

A: I value most about our culture and vision that we are customer-centric in everything we do.  We treat our employees like people, not numbers.  What I mean by that is we seek employee feedback, listen to their ideas, and take action with their best interests in mind.  All employees have a voice, are challenged, and appreciated at Gershman Mortgage.  We look to improve everyone’s career through ongoing training, support, resources, and opportunities for advancement.  We understand that everyone has a life outside of work.  The bottom line is that we care about our employees.  They are our most important asset and are treated as such.  A very important extension of our culture is that we treat our borrowers and referral partners the same, meaning that they are not numbers or another transaction to us.  We genuinely care about their experience and want to develop relationships to last generations.  I’m confident that if you asked any of our employees, borrowers, or referral partners, a common theme would be that Gershman Mortgage cares.

Q: Has the pandemic changed your definition of what makes a good workplace?

A: No, the definition of what makes a good workplace has not changed, but the pandemic did require flexibility and creativity in how we went about achieving our objective of having a good workplace.  While connection and engagement are key to our workplace culture, we took deliberate steps to enhance everything we did as a result of transitioning from an in-person environment to working from home.  We have strong leadership that adapted to how they motivated, encouraged, and informed our workforce.  Connection and engagement are always important; the pandemic simply required adaption. 

Q: What tips do you have for keeping culture through challenging times?

A: Always maintain positivity.  Constant communication.  Visible, decisive, optimistic leadership.  Double-down on recognition and support.  Seek employee feedback.  Take action. 

Q: What do you hope to accomplish within the next year? 

A: We will continue the daily quest of improving and evolving our customer experience.  We will add new employees who want to grow their business and career.  We will continue to develop the careers of our existing employees. Within the next year, I’m confident we will tick off these boxes and be better for it. Oh, and I hope to improve my golf game too!

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 About Gershman: Communities, families, and homes are at the heart of what we do at Gershman Mortgage.  Our founding principles are based on the core values of honesty, integrity, the entrepreneurial spirit, and putting our customers first.  We are passionate and committed to customer service and strive to ensure that we exceed the expectations of our customers.  We are a customer-centric company devoted to creating and maintaining long-lasting relationships.

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