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How to Get Offers Accepted with Dustin Brohm

St. Louis, Missouri – May 13, 2021 – Gershman Mortgage, a leader in the mortgage industry, was delighted to welcome guest speaker Dustin Brohm, host of Massive Agent Podcast and founder of The Massive Agent Society, on May 13th. Brohm virtually spoke and inspired loan officers with ideas and strategies to help their agents get more offers accepted. It’s no surprise that the current housing market is especially tough these days but with the right components and effective marketing strategies, it’s more attainable than we think.

Dustin Brohm, a Salt Lake City native, is a natural marketer “who happens to sell real estate.” After discovering content marketing a few years ago, and implementing the social media and online marketing strategies he learned along the way, he has helped hundreds of real estate agents and mortgage loan officers to get more business through lead generation.

Jeff Ogden, Senior Vice President of Production, opened up the event with introductions. Brohm took it over and shared his background and knowledge that he gained in his 11-years of real estate experience. First topic up for discussion was the significance of the pre-approval letter.  

“The pre-approval letter needs to be solid. A solid pre-approval letter with bullet points, a summary of the buyer’s qualifications, and one that is submitted timely really shows that the lender knows what they are doing. A pre-approval letter is a marketing piece to other agents. It has to look impressive. In this market, a listing agent needs to have confidence that the buyer’s lender is able to perform. The pre-approval letter is the first impression.”

Brohm also touched on marketing techniques and the significance of social media. They then concluded the event with a productive Q&A which allowed attendees to ask questions regarding Facebook ads, texting vs calling, adding testimonials to marketing materials, and much more.   

If you are interested in getting a pre-approval go to https://oldgershman.wpengine.com/choose-loan/ or call 1-800-457-2357.

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