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How to Sell a Home with Dealbreakers

You want to sell your home, but you’re afraid that issues like the noisy neighbors or nearby highway might turn away potential buyers. Small problems like less desirable paint colors or outdated appliances can be fixed easily, but specific features like tiny yards or a lack of windows can be a complete turn off to buyers who would otherwise be interested in your house. Here are some tips on how to highlight the positives of common inconveniences that might be considered “dealbreakers”.

Is your home in a high traffic area? Maybe it’s impossible to leave your home during rush hour, or you can hear cars passing by at all hours of the day. These inconveniences can turn off buyers who rely on commuting or need peace and quiet, but a growing population now work from home and many people don’t mind being surrounded by activity. Try appealing to buyers by staging a workspace in your home, or converting the guest bedroom into a home office. Consider adding a fence in the backyard to offer privacy from a busy highway, and cover window views of the road with curtains or shades that match your décor.

Are your neighbors hard to handle? Your home might be next to people who won’t mind their own business or mow their grass, or your neighbors are peacefully resting in the cemetery that occupied the plot of land before your home was built. While you can’t choose your neighbors, you can hide them with landscaping. Keep potential buyers distracted with hedges, trees, bushes, and backyard oases that keep the view away from eyesores. Choose plants that thrive in certain seasons and some that look good all year long.  Choosing to work with a nursery or landscaping professional is a small investment, but prospective buyers will notice your yard before they notice what’s around it.

What if your home doesn’t have an open floorplan or a lot of natural light? HGTV channel aside, buyers love lots of windows and space. If your home is lacking these features, there are creative ways to compensate. Brighten your home by opting for light, white painted walls and change out dark curtains and blinds that eliminate the natural light you have to work with. Add tasteful lamps that cut shadows and dark spaces and switch out yellow toned lightbulbs to bright white. Need more space? Rearranging your furniture can be highly effective in making a room look larger. Remove excess décor, and consider using area rugs to define spaces and creative storage solutions to control clutter. Keep your eye moving around the room with a few larger scale statement pieces like artwork or furniture, and avoid too many little details or decorations.



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