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Pros & Cons of Living in A Neighborhood with an HOA

St. Louis, MO – January 31st, 2023 – When finding your dream home, there are many factors to consider such as location, price, size, etc. But what many buyers overlook are the benefits (although perhaps a few drawbacks) of living in a neighborhood that offers an HOA.

A homeowner’s association (HOA) provides you with the chance of living in an orderly and well-run neighborhood that’s managed by an organization that sets rules and regulations under which you another community members agree to live. While some people may enjoy the idea of being part of an organized neighborhood community, others may not like the aspect of having restrictions on how they can or cannot manage their property. If you are thinking of moving into a neighborhood with an HOA, here are some things to consider during your home search.


  • You will live in a well-maintained neighborhood.

Guidelines are put in place to ensure the neighborhood looks presentable, such as, lawns are manicured, restrictions on parking cars in the street are enforced, etc.

  • You will have access to amenities.

When living in an HOA community, community members often have access to amenities like fitness centers, pools, neighborhood parks, and more!

  • You will have access to outdoor maintenance.

The HOA will manage common areas, and also take care of projects like mowing the lawn, snow removal, and other outside maintenance work that needs to be done.

  • The HOA handles neighbor disputes if they arise.

An HOA generally steps in to mediate if a dispute occurs between neighbors to help find a solution to whatever the disagreement may be.


  • Risk of foreclosure if dues are not paid.

Paying your monthly or yearly dues to the HOA is extremely important. If neglected, the HOA can foreclose on your home…However in some states, there are limitations so make sure to check with your real estate agent when researching in your area.

  • You have to live with certain restrictions.

For example, running a business out of your home that involves commercial activities could be problematic for some HOAs. Additionally, many HOAs have restrictions on renting out homes and have the ability to screen future residents which may affect you when trying to sell your home.

  • HOA Fees

Depending on where you live and what the neighborhood is like, HOA fees may vary.


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