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Q&A with VP of Operations, Diane Macko

Q&A with VP of Operations Diane Macko

St. Louis – September 13th, 2021 – Diane Macko began her career with Gershman Mortgage in 1991. Throughout her tenure with Gershman, she has held several positions within the operations department and ultimately started serving as Vice President of Operations in 2016. Her years of working in loan production and her commitment to Gershman’s culture has brought tremendous value to the company. We recently sat down with Diane to discuss the significance of the operations department and why our mortgage lenders stand out above the rest.

“The operations department is the secret backbone to the mortgage process. Let’s be honest – the goal of all parties in a real estate contract is to get to the closing table.” Macko said. “The operations department is really what makes us stand out as a mortgage lender. The operations department ensures getting to that closing table in a timely and professional manner.”

VP of Operations, Diane Macko

Q: What is the loan process after a Loan Officer brings in a loan application?

A: The application is completed by the borrower and the loan is originated by a loan officer. The loan is then prepped for disclosures, it goes into processing where the processor collects documentation to support the loan application. The loan processor then submits the loan to the underwriter queue where the loan will be assigned to an underwriter. The underwriter reviews the application and conditions the file to meet investor and agency guidelines and then returns it back to processing. The processor will gather any additional information and submit the loan back to the underwriter for review and final approval. The loan is then sent to the closing department to prepare for closing and closing documentation. After that, the loan is officially closed.

Q: Who makes up the Operations Department?

A: The operations department is made up of the Disclosure Desk, Loan Processing, Lock Desk, Underwriting, Closing, Post Close Shipping and Insuring, Post Close Suspense, Post Close Interim Servicing, and Customer Service.  All very important aspects of the loan process. Without one of these departments, we wouldn’t be able to do our jobs effectively.  

Q: Why is the Operations Department significant to the loan process?

A: The operations department can make a mortgage lender stand out above the competition. They are a critical component to the completion of a successful loan application. When you write a contract for real estate, the goal is to get the loan to the closing table, and you can’t do that without the operations staff. At Gershman, we have a reputation for “closing on time, every time”. It’s built into our core values, along with exemplary customer service. We not only provide exceptional customer service to our borrowers and referral partners but also internally to our sales staff. The operations department is the backbone of any mortgage company, and our operations department is the best in the business, and we’ll continue to close loans on time, every time for years to come.

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