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A Message To Partners During COVID-19

Gershman Mortgage, a leader in the mortgage industry, reaches out to its partners with a message from President Adam Mason.

First, and most importantly, we hope you and those you care about are safe and healthy.

Since mid-March, COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. During these unprecedented times, many of us have been asked to work together by staying apart and staying home, while others have been asked to perform essential work and care giving. We applaud all the brave people who are doing their part during this pandemic.

These are extraordinary times we face, and each day brings new challenges and uncertainty, which no one can predict. However, myself along with members of our management team, in conjunction with our board of directors, have been proactively monitoring and taking steps to ensure the safety of our employees, borrowers and communities.

Gershman Mortgage is well-positioned to face these challenging times because of our dedicated, talented employees and strong financial condition.

We continue to navigate these times of uncertainty by analyzing how we are functioning and responding to this ever-evolving environment, while adapting quickly to position our company for continued success. Although we will likely feel the effects that the coronavirus has had on our economy for some time, I believe our economy will make a faster recovery compared to 2008. The mortgage industry plays a vital role in our economy’s recovery.

The investment in a home is parallel to no other financial transaction, which is why we settle for nothing less than excellence. Since our founding in 1955, Gershman Mortgage has overcome many challenges—a time that stood witness to political crisis, natural disaster, numerous wars, untold tragedy and global pandemic. We have always seen it through and emerged stronger and better than before.

There has been and will continue to be a lot we cannot control. However, Gershman Mortgage will continue to stand firm in our commitment to our customers by providing expert mortgage service. We will weather this storm together. As the situation continues to evolve, please remain in contact with your Gershman Mortgage account representative. We are here for you.