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Better Together | How Loan Officers & Real Estate Agents Work Together to Achieve Home Ownership

St. Louis, MO – March 16th, 2023- It’s no secret that the homebuying process can be strenuous and difficult if you aren’t working with the right people. Our job at Gershman Mortgage is to make sure you get a “one up” over other potential buyers by having a solid preapproval and access to the two most valuable resources in the homebuying journey– real estate agents & loan officers.

Vice President, Justin Berger (NMLS #1394663) recently discussed the role he plays throughout the mortgage process and how he works with real estate agents to make sure buyers get settled into their new home quickly and easily. Check out what he has to say!

Q: How do you personally connect or network with new real estate agents to work with?

A: There are two opportunities that allow me to meet and work with new agents. I work with listing agents as well as buying agents during the loan process. When I meet a new agent on the listing side of a transaction, I make sure that I reach out to them, introduce myself, and ensure that I maintain great communication with them. By doing this, it gives me an opportunity to hopefully gain their business as well as other agents from their company in the future by giving them a good experience the first time. Another way I connect with new agents is by my repeat buying agents setting me up with agents in their same company. The real estate agent introduces me “as mortgage professional that they would benefit working with” before we even meet. I immediately gain credibility with these new agents, and they feel comfortable enough to work with me!

Q: Can you describe the referral process or how an agent gets their homebuyer in touch with you?

A: Every agent has a different approach when it comes to this process. My favorite, and what I believe works the best, is when the agent tells the client that they have a great loan officer that they trust and that I will be reaching out to them. Once I get the number I make sure to reach out to them as soon as I can. A lot of times if an agent tells the client to call me they don’t actually make that call or end up going online and putting their information in to an online lender.

Q: How is a loan officer involved in the homebuying process? What does the communication look like between a loan officer, real estate agent, and homebuyer throughout your time working together?

A: Once we have a contract, I talk to the buyer to help them lock their rate, figure out what title company they want to use, help them to understand how the loan process works, and what they can expect moving forward. In the meantime, I collaborate with the agent to know when the home inspection period is completed so I can get the appraisal ordered. Essentially, I play the middleman on anything I can and help wherever is needed. Whether that be helping the buyer find certain documents they need, title issues, home insurance issues, or any of the thousand things that can come up in a deal.

Q: Finally, what’s your favorite thing about working with real estate agents in your local community?

A: My favorite thing about working with local real estate agents is knowing that I am supporting their families and my local community! I am building more than referral sources; I am building real life friendships with them all.

If you’re interested in purchasing your first home, it may be a good idea to sit down with a knowledgeable loan officer before you are ready to buy. Gershman Mortgage staffs only the best and brightest loan officers in the game and they will help you make the best decision for you and your family. When it comes to down payments, loan officers can help you determine a price range that fits your budget and how much you’ll need.

When you are ready, contact a Gershman Mortgage Loan Officer to start your journey home today.

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