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New Record for Home Loans April 2020

Gershman Mortgage, a leader in the mortgage industry, celebrates another successful month in April of 2020 by breaking the record for number of loans closed in a single month.

Previously on April 2nd 2020, our President, Adam Mason announced that we had set a company record in our 65 years of business.

“I am happy to report historic news. We set a company record in March of 2020. Previously our company record was in September of 2019. We have been in business for 65 years and we absolutely smashed our record that we set in September this past month. This is phenomenal during any time but especially during this global pandemic. Not only did we close an astronomical amount of loans, and provide tremendous customer service throughout, we did it during the COVID-19 pandemic and with much stress added on all of us. We made it through with historic volume, and last month is just proof that we will make it through and be brighter and better on the other side.”

On May 7th 2020, President Adam Mason announced that we had broken the company record yet again.

“This will be the fourth time in nine months that I have announced a new company record. In Gershman Mortgage’s 65 year history, I am happy to announce that April 2020 is our new company record. This absolutely crushes our previous record that we set just last month in March. Great work by everybody, I’m so proud to lead this company and I’m looking forward to getting back together so we can celebrate these accomplishments we’ve had during this tough time. We’re not only surviving, we are excelling.”

Additionally, seven loan officers achieved personal origination records for the month of April 2020 including: Andy Schoemehl, Blake Overton, Chelsey Sullivan, Garrett Knox, Heather Lamont, Jason Heeren, Josh Goodwin, Kyle Gibson, Melissa Lintner, and Sam Bizzle.