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Employee Spotlight | Cathy Barker

St. Louis – June 27th, 2022 – Cathy Barker is one of the many exceptional industry professionals that Gershman Mortgage is proud to employ.

Cathy has worked with Gershman Mortgage for 7 years but has twenty-nine years of industry experience. Beginning her career in 1993 as a shipper, she has never left the Post- Closing Department and as Cathy says, “trailing docs is my passion”.

Cathy Barker joined the Army back in 1986, primarily to take care of her son. Growing up, she had several family members serve in the armed forces, so she was familiar with military life. Cathy served active duty for 2 years and was stationed in Fort Polk, LA as a Finance Specialist.

Cathy married her husband, Greg, in 2018, on the front porch they built together after the 2011 Good Friday Tornado. Barker and her husband have been together since 2008 and have three children in which she still refers to as “her babies”! Cathy also added that she has four grown step-children as well as nine grandchildren.


Cathy Barker is a joy to work with. She is an exemplary employee that always pushes to complete her work in a timely fashion. She takes her job seriously and treats all situations as if she were working on her own transaction. I appreciate all that she does and her dedication to Gershman Mortgage.” -Sharon Oris, Vice President

“Cathy has taught me so much since I moved to the post-closing department. She is always willing to help me any time of the day. She has a wealth of information and never misses a beat in every situation. She is a team player! I enjoy collaborating with her, just knowing if I need any help or guidance she is there. And I like the way she whispers good-bye on the phone “okay – bye bye” -Lisa Nass, Suspense Coordinator


Thank you for your many years of your service to Gershman Mortgage and our communities, Cathy!

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